Gartrell provides an elegant traditional setting for a wedding and we will work with you in planning a day to treasure and remember.

Initially, the Minister will meet with you in the church and discuss your hopes and plans. When you have secured a date, another meeting will be arranged to complete the legal documents.

An internationally-recognised marriage course called PREPARE, will also be offered to you. This is completed online, in your own time, and may then be discussed with the minister at another time together.

A rehearsal is encouraged in the week before the wedding.

Weddings at Gartrell (PDF)

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Baptism welcomes us into the worldwide Christian Church and at Gartrell we baptise children and adults as an expression of God’s love and grace.

Baptism is a Sacrament of the church which means God’s love is shown through the action of water. At Gartrell, children are baptised at the font and adults by full immersion in the baptistry during a
Sunday worship service.

Everyone is welcome to be baptised; the Minister will meet with parents and individuals to discuss this special and important decision.

(There is no charge for a baptism)

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The Dawn Service is usually conducted at the Soldier’s Memorial statue opposite the church at 6.20am each ANZAC DAY.

At this time of COVID restrictions, an outdoor service will not be conducted in 2021.

Instead the Dawn Service will be held indoors in the Gartell Church building.

This is a COVID contrained event, with very limited number of tickets available to attend this service.
If you are unable to secure a ticket to the indoor dawn service, there are a number of ways you may pay your respects, these include:

– Visiting the Burnside Memorial to the Fallen Soldier (Rose Park) during the day

– Participate in Light Up the Dawn initiative (light a candle in your driveway at home); and

– Tune into ABC radio 891 to listen to State broadcast.

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